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Meet Helen Renée

Certified Reiki Master

With an enduring ability to perceive, experience, and channel universal spiritual energy, I have made it my mission to share my unique talents, gifts, tools, and skills with others. My goal is to facilitate your capacity to envision, construct, and embrace the most fulfilling version of your life, allowing you to realise your fullest potential.


From the birth, I have possessed a profoundly unusual and distinctive skill set. Through experience, I recognised the wisdom in harnessing these abilities rather than suppressing them. As I matured, I cultivated unshakable confidence in my spiritual capabilities, ultimately enabling me to fully deploy them in assisting others. This encompassed tapping into my remarkably precise remote visions and wielding the power of my capacity to remotely channel, guide, and manipulate energy.

My adeptness at accurate foresight and envisioning was evident when, in early 2022, I suddenly gained the ability to foresee the entire sequence of events surrounding my mother's eventual passing later that year. This served as a poignant reminder that possessing these unique gifts doesn't always equate to personal blessings.


The evolution into a Reiki Master Teacher was a natural progression and marked a profoundly transformative journey. Presently, I offer a comprehensive range of services, specialising in various remote therapies, including Reiki, Pet/Animal Reiki, Home/Business Clearing/Smudging/Purification Reiki, Tarot, and Rune Stone Readings.


In addition, I have limited availability for in-person sessions and offer personalised assistance for you, your pet, or your home/business based on individual circumstances. Ensuring the comfort and relaxation of all individuals, particularly those new to Reiki, is of utmost importance to me. I am dedicated to fostering a sense of ease, confidence, and security.

As a founding member of Paranormal Rescue, I have amassed numerous captivating and occasionally unbelievable experiences from my involvement with the world's pioneering international paranormal emergency service. Furthermore, I am pleased to offer my insights as a guest speaker at your seminars or events and provide readings for your attendees.

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My husband Brian Sterling-Vete and I are authors of many books, one of which is a highly acclaimed best-selling book in its category about scientific paranormal investigation.  


Paranormal Investigation: The Black Book of Scientific Ghost Hunting and How to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena

The field of Paranormal Investigation, including ghost-hunting, has frequently been dismissed as pseudoscientific by certain members of the traditional scientific community who hold closed-minded viewpoints. However, we contend that this dismissal is a flawed approach. The inability to instantaneously detect paranormal phenomena within a controlled laboratory setting at this moment should not lead to the outright denial of their existence. This perspective itself contradicts the principles of scientific inquiry, as many phenomena that were once undetectable have since become well-established scientific facts.

This book adopts a two-fold approach, offering an objective exploration of the broader realm of paranormal investigation while delving into specific crucial elements in greater detail. It provides a methodical, step-by-step guide to conducting investigations, spanning from initial planning and on-site assessment to post-investigation data analysis and debriefing. The book outlines optimal practices, suggests training approaches for both individuals and teams, and delineates what to do, and not to do during the investigative process. Of particular interest, the book also shares several accounts of previously undisclosed or lesser-known paranormal incidents and encounters, serving to illustrate key points.

Media & the Paranormal

In my capacity as a co-founder of Paranormal Rescue, I hold the role of a consistent contributor and staff writer for the widely recognised international publication, "The Paranormal Press Magazine."

Paranormal Rescue and its team members have garnered media coverage from various esteemed sources, including BBC News, ITV's This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Daily Mirror newspapers. Additionally, our recognition extends to features in Reader's Digest magazine (USA), the Beast Seekers TV show on Snapchat (episode 18), Chat Magazine, and various other platforms via the Hubbard Broadcasting Network in the USA.

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