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Tarot and Rune Readings

Having had visions and feelings all my life, as an adult I finally felt confident and decided to get a set of tarot cards one day when we were at a paranormal event.  I never felt the urge to read tarot cards until that day. The table had so many different sets of tarot cards to choose from, but I was drawn to one particular set. My husband Brian then went to the table, and he said to me, “I think you should get this set of tarot cards.” I hadn't even told him I was thinking about getting them, let alone which ones I was drawn to. He then bought them for me. I excitedly opened the set and the first line in the book reads, "Once upon a time, in a land far away (we'll call it Minnesota)…" We were in St. Helen's in England, and I randomly chose tarot cards published in Minnesota - My home state!


I took that as a sign that this is what I am meant to be doing and putting my visions and feelings to good use by helping others. I truly enjoy what I do and can’t wait to share with you the positive energy a reading can bring. I completely believe in the power and biology of belief and the universal "Laws of Attraction", in particular, the energy you put out you receive back.

Please fill out the contact form below and let me know what you are looking for. I will send you payment details and let you know when to expect your reading to arrive. 

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