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Meet Helen Renée

Certified Reiki Master

Having the ability to feel, experience, and channel universal spiritual energy for as long as I can remember, I now share my special skills, gifts, tools, and abilities with others. I want to help you envision, create, and live your best life possible life to your fullest potential.

As someone who from birth possessed a highly unusual and special skillset, I learned that it was better to harness my abilities rather than try to ignore them. As an adult, I became completely confident in my spiritual abilities and was eventually able to fully unleash them to help others.  This included harnessing my uncannily accurate remote visions, and the power of my ability to remotely channel, guide, and redirect energy.

The gift of accurate foresight and envisionment also meant that in early 2022 I was suddenly able to envision in advance the entire scenario surrounding the death of my mother that came to pass later in the year. This was a perfect demonstration of the universe showing me that possessing my special gifts is not always a personal blessing.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher was a natural progression; it was a truly life-changing experience. I now offer a comprehensive range of services specialising in several distance therapies, including Reiki, Pet/Animal Reiki, Home/Business Clearing/Smudging/Purification Reiki, Tarot, and Rune Stone Readings.  

I also have limited availability for in-person sessions and can work with you, your pet, or your home/business on a case-by-case basis. It is important to me that everyone feels completely comfortable and relaxed, especially those who are new to Reiki and will do everything I can to make you feel at ease, confident, and in safe hands.


As a founding member of Paranormal Rescue, I have many fascinating and sometimes incredible experiences to share about working as part of the world’s first dedicated international paranormal emergency service. Also, I am happy to join you at your seminar or event as a guest speaker and/or to provide readings for your guests.  

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My husband Brian Sterling-Vete and I are authors of many books, one of which is a highly acclaimed best-selling book in its category about scientific paranormal investigation.  


Paranormal Investigation: The Black Book of Scientific Ghost Hunting and How to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal Investigation, and especially ghost-hunting, have long been dismissed as pseudoscience nonsense by closed-minded members of the traditional scientific community. We believe they are wrong to take this approach. Just because it is not currently possible to detect paranormal phenomena on-demand in a laboratory does not mean that it does not exist. This in and of itself, is an unscientific approach, because, in the early days of science, it was not possible to detect many things we now take for granted.


This book takes a dual approach with an objective look at the wider subject of paranormal investigation as well as a more detailed look at certain critically important aspects. It also details a logical step-by-step approach to any investigation from the planning stage, the initial walk-through, and into the post-investigation data analysis and debriefing phases. It outlines best practices, training suggestions for individuals and teams, and an outline of what should and should not be done during an investigation. Interestingly, it also contains several example accounts of previously untold and/or little-known paranormal events and encounters.

Media & the Paranormal

As a co-founder of Paranormal Rescue, I am a regular contributor and staff writer to the highly acclaimed international "The Paranormal Press Magazine". 

The media outlets that Paranormal Rescue and individual team members have been featured in include BBC News, ITV’s This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Daily Mirror newspapers, Reader's Digest magazine (USA), Beast Seekers TV show Snapchat (episode 18), Chat Magazine, and other outlets via the Hubbard Broadcasting Network in the USA. 

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